Customer Comments

A few extracts from our customer’s feedback catalogue:

“I came in and booked for non smoking, had it done on 15 August 2013, I have not had a cigarette since, from smoking 45 a day. I can totally recommend it, and it is excellent value for money.” – Pocallmhan

“I had problems with my back and legs in pain (spondylitis) for 5 years. After acupuncture treatment of one week the pain has gone, and I feel like a new man.” – Peter

“When I came first time, I was in pain and could hardly walk. I have had daily pain for five years through osteo arthritis. One course of acupuncture and one week of drinking herbs, I feel so much better, totally pain free, and now am able to live life to the full, and catch up on the last five years.” – Jayne

“I have suffered with polymiagra rheumatic and have had the standard steroid and pain killer treatment. This treatment does not cure this illness only controls it. As the tablets are dangerous long term, I decided to try acupuncture, I am glad to say this is working and I have had no tablets for 6 weeks now. I am also being treated for high blood pressure, actually for 14 years. Acupuncture has lowered my blood pressure without tablets to 140/90 which is a great relief to me.” – Cox

“Had neck, shoulder, low back pain 20 years, now cleared after 4 treatments. Knees arthritis severe 4 years, now much better after 4 treatments. Fully Recommend to every body.” – Margaret

“After 20 years of Asthma, I booked a course of acupuncture and straight away noticed a difference in my breathing. As the course continues I feel more free with every session.” – Russell

“After 18 months of pain due to knee damage, just one visit found vast improvement. After four visits completely free from aches and pains. I was so relieved I took my wife along who has suffered with a fallen arch, and swelling of the feet for a long time. Again after one visit, there was vast improvement. After more visits I think success is assured. Brilliant!” – Graham

“Dear Grace (Mrs Guo),
I have been attending RST Herbal Centre for a long time now and cannot praise your hard work, devotion, skill and expertise enough.
When you first saw me I was using a stick, as my left side from head to toe had almost seized up following an accident and later operation. I had suffered tremendous pain and trauma for over 2 years prior to my initial visit to yourself.
It has taken many treatments to get where I am today and shall continue with further therapy.
Thank you for giving me my life back and helping my body to heal. I realise now just how serious my condition had become and without your dedication and encouragement, who knows what my future may have held. Now I have a quality of life again, returned to work, out and about in the community and feel wonderful in myself. Naturally I still have to be careful but what a turnaround.
My regret, is that had I seen you much, much earlier, healing would have occurred sooner.
You have good business acumen, hardworking, friendly yet professional, with your greatest attribute (apart from generations of knowledge) is your wholehearted determination to help and treat your patients, so they can get back to work and enjoy a better quality of life.
I fully endorse and recommend the Centre to anyone suffering pain and trauma or any other ailment which require skillful therapies.” – Diane

“I just want to say I am very happy with the treatment I received from Grace ( Lin Guo). I have been coming to see her in my complicated conditions (Multiple Sclerosis). I have got very good improvement since being treated by her.” – Mitesh

“My treatment has been extremely beneficial and it also leaves me glowing so much that my husband always thinks I’ve done a treatment for my face. My poor conditions have improved considerably, I no longer feel short of breath or lacking energy, my constipation has gone. I fulfil of energy now after 7 treatments. Brilliant job, well done! Thank you, Lin Guo!” – Sizanne

“I have suffering from menopause, hot flushes every night and during the day. It was like someone had poured water all over me. Nothing seem to work, so I decided to try acupuncture with the herbs for about three or four months, and it has helped me, my hot flush and sweating are much better, as well as the stress. I was treated by Lin Guo.” – Charlotte